Caring for Your Arrangement

Hello, lovelies!

Hello, lovelies! Since many of you were showered with flowers for Valentine’s Day, we just wanted to jump on here quickly to offer a few simple tips on caring for your arrangement.

(If you want a more in-depth and comprehensive list, check out this post we did last year about maximizing your fresh flowers’ lifespan.)

Here’s a quick rundown of the basics!

Water! Ensure all stems stay submerged in water.

Keep flowers somewhere away from extreme temperatures, fruit,  and windowsills or areas of direct sunlight where they can wilt due to overheating. 

If your arrangement came in a basket or uses foam, replace with fresh water every 1-2 days!

And immediately remove any dead/wilting leaves or stem—they can spread bacteria (and they’re just not real pretty to look at anyway).

Enjoy those beautiful bouquets!