International Women’s Day 2019

Happy International Women’s Day!

Much like other such holidays, today we take time to spotlight, acknowledge, and celebrate a specific group of people, while also understanding that they deserve our respect, recognition, and appreciation every day. Nevertheless, it’s a great opportunity to express our gratitude, respect, recognition, appreciation, and celebration of the magical wonder that is: woman.

Here at Timeless, we’re an ensemble cast of females—several of whom have side hustles, have built other businesses, and have families as well. From baked goods and photography to hair styling and raising children and grandchildren, these gals do it all. So while, as women, we’re sometimes reluctant to accept a compliment, we know from watching one another—and from our experiences with other wonder-women who hold the world together with their strength, grace, compassion, determination, generosity, and spirit—that women are a force to be reckoned with, capable of so much more than we realize.

So to all you wonder-women out there, we want to send you a virtual pat on the back. And actually, that falls far short—we want to send a virtual bouquet of flowers, hug, mimosa, trophy, confetti shower, and marching band. Because you are so remarkably amazing. (Way more amazing than you even realize you are.)

Women are queens. Making magic. Making days. And quite literally, making people. (!!)

They are powerful, capable, vibrant, enchanting, and strong. They encourage, and they build. They create, and they sustain. They nurture, and they challenge. They are tough as nails but with delicate edges. And most heartwarming of all is that, most of the time, they’ve got their hands too full to even notice their own impact.

So here’s to all the amazing women out there . . .

You have dreams, babies, and impossible schedules.

You make magic and make sense of the world.

You run errands, marathons, and companies.

You build careers, build character, and build up those around you.

You hold diplomas in your hands and children on your hips.

Here’s to you feeling the caliber of love and warmth you radiate always.